Off Sonar Bharma Sound Pellegrino, Classicworks Neonized

Off week neonized Sonar Bharma Sound Pellegrino, Classicworks Neonized

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OFF WEEK NEONIZED: Cierra la semana Sónar 2014 en Bharma con NOT PENNY’S BOAT Party, una fiesta forjada entre  Neonized, Classicworks y Sound Pellegrino

La semana de Sónar está marcada en los calendarios de 3/4 partes del planeta. Barcelona se llena, no sólo de un festival referencia en todo el mundo como es Sónar, sino también de cientos de eventos donde los mejores artistas de la escena electrónica buscan poder disfrutar de la música en una ciudad que en esas fechas vive prácticamente exclusivamente para ella.

off week neonized Bharma Off Sonar Not Penny's Boat teki latex, nehuen classicworks neonizedTeki Latex es un amante de las series, y en especial de Lost. Tras entrevistarnos con él durante el Sónar del año pasado, dejó caer la frase-cimiento de lo que hoy anunciamos: “Guys, we could do an Off Sonar Party at Bharma next year!”. Y así es. El próximo domingo 15 de junio de 2014 os esperamos a todos en Bharma en una fiesta que empezará a las 5pm y finalizará a las 3am.(Para quien no lo sepa, Bharma es un fantástico Bar dedicado a LOST)

En el cartel encontrarás a Teki Latex, Nehuen, Cardopusher, Nick Hook, Lowprofile (NNZD rep), Betty, AZF & Parfait y artistas invitados SSSSSHECRETOS.

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Sólo os vamos a pedir que os pidáis muchas copas para que podamos cubrir los costes del alquiler del equipo. No pasaremos con la gorrilla.


Off week neonized




Sound Pellegrino, Classicworks, Neonized and Nick Hook present: 
a sunday afternoon off-sonar party in BHARMA, Barcelona’s one and only bar dedicated to cult TV show LOST.

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Hi, i’m Teki Latex from Sound Pellegrino.
I’ve been obsessed with the TV show LOST since i’ve stumbled upon an episode from its first season on french TV when it first aired. I’ve studied the blast door map, tried to de-cypher what the Hurley bird was saying, made songs sampling Mr Friendly speeches, pumped my fist in the air when Jack said “We have to go back!” and shed a tear or two when some of the characters died (and that’s a real #rare thing for an emotionless robot incapable of empathy like me).
When i found out about the existence of BHARMA, a bar dedicated to the show (and its fictional organisation The Dharma Initiative) and full of props and nods to the series in the middle of Barcelona the little LOST nerd in me had only one goal: throw a party in that amazing, otherworldly place.
A few years later i’ve assembled the right team to help me make my dream come true: impeccable techno label CLASSICWORKS, amazing webzine NEONIZED and legendary NYC music mogul NICK HOOK. Along with our DJ friends and a couple of secret guests we present to you NOT PENNYS BOAT, an off-sonar late afternoon get together on sunday 15th at the world’s only LOST-inspired bar BHARMA.
Come along, have a Bharma initiative beer, dance with your friends, check out the lifesize hatch, take a picture in front of the replica of the remains of the Oceanic 815 flight, read Sawyer’s letter, and even if you’ve never watched LOST and couldn’t care less about it, come end your Sonar week in a fun, relaxed and friendly way.


Teki Latex



Nick Hook



AZF & Parfait


June 15
5pm to 3am
no cover
BHARMA, Carrer de Pere IV, 93, 08018 Barcelona

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