Dubbel Dutch, el hombre que enamoró el año pasado con su aún actual “Throwback” o su “B-Leave” en Unknown to the Unknown, y con quién estuvimos de Palique (interview) trae nuevo material bajo el brazo. En esta ocasión se trata de “Self Help Riddim”, un temita mezclando diferentes estilos con ambiente etéreo y que escuchado junto al vídeo seapunkarra hasta invita a practicar Yoga. Esto es cosa de Mixpak


Aquí os dejamos con la nota de prensa en inglés:

‘Self Help Riddim’ is the first single release in a series of singles that will follow leading up to Dubbel Dutch’s Self Help Riddims EP in 2013. This new body of work draws inspiration from dub and dancehall reggae, ethereal grime, and pop music of the African diaspora. The title track, “Self Help Riddim,” seeks the healing potential of music and aims to uplift, inspire, and motivate the listener, lovingly designed for both the dancefloor and the bedroom.
For Dubbel Dutch’s sunny “Self Help Riddim,” commissioned video artist Kari Altmann, who also made the album cover, took inspiration from “Mind Movies ™” culled from Youtube and promo clips for Olialia’s Blonde Island in the shape of a high heel. The result appears to be some kind of mistranslated app for your smartphone that is simultaneously bringing you customized visual mantras while advertising pyramid scheming investment shares in a faraway island resort. Actually we’re not really sure what’s being marketed or delivered here but we’re all in! We can already feel the abundance.

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