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La finalidad de Neonized siempre ha sido dar a conocer nueva música, apoyar aquello que nos gusta e intentar dar un lugar a aquellos artistas nacionales e internacionales que merecen un soporte donde darse a conocer. Dado que varios de los componentes de Neonized no sólo son amantes de la música, sino que son también productores y DJ’s, decidimos aprovecharlo y crear un sello para dar luz a sus producciones, así como a las de aquellos artistas que nos gustan. Hasta ahora estos han sido nuestros lanzamientos! Esperamos que os gusten!

The aim of Neonized has always been to spread word about new music, support what we like and trying to give some space to those artists (not only spanish but from all around the world) who deserve a platform where they can feel loved. Due to most of the Neonized contributors are not only music lovers, but DJs and producers, we decided to create a Label so we can share their works, as well as the artists we love and want to collaborate with us. ‘Til now, these have been our releases! Hope you like ‘em!

[NNZD001] Here We Are – Be With Me ::: BUY/DOWNLOAD LINK (Name your Price)

[NNZD002] TheAmplid – Dance No More ::: BUY/DOWNLOAD LINK (Name Your Price)

[NNZD003] Lenticular Clouds – Ciencia/Conciencia (album) :::  BUY/DOWNLOAD LINK  (Vinyl) (Beatport)

[NNZD004] Deviant Punkies – Opening Doors ::: BUY LINK

[NNZD005] Drömnu – Deep in Forests ::: BUY/DOWNLOAD LINK

[NNZD006] TheLook – Nightwaves ::: BUY LINK

NNZD Compilation: Sound of Neon Vol. 1 DOWNLOAD LINK

For more info, inquiries, questions, anything: recs @ or info @

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