This morning, when I get in the office and in my mailbox, I was surprised to see an email from Demon. The French producer who recently released a new EP called City that I recommend to the french touch’s lovers. Reading the message, I quickly realized what was going on. Jeremie Mondon made a mash up when Romanthony passed away to make a tribute for his wonderful impact on music. This song stayed private for ages because Demon didn’t knew what to do with it.

After a conversation with him, we quickly thougth that this song belonged to music and that it ought to be available ! While listening to the song you’ll quickly feel the respect that Demon has for Anthony Wayne Moore, the DJ with a sublime voice. This mashup is rooted in 3 crazy songs and reach another level of love thanks to Bob Dylan’s cover of Knocking On Heaven’s Door by Antony & The Johnsons,  One More Time by our french masked robots and, obviously with Sommore by Romanthony and Quiana Tara.

It was clearly impossible to miss this dope tune and we are pleased to present it today for your delight.

Happy listening and many thanks to DEMON and to Romanthony.


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