dudley-slangHere we are ! I’m back after a huge workload ! Something very kind and over 9000 to share with you !

Few days ago, a friend asked me about my favorite label of all time. Quite a hard question to answer but, when I looked at my mailbox and received what I’m gonna review, I was sure that Moveltraxx is the answer. This family is ruled by one bearded man : Big Dope P. A really cool man and the only responsible for bringing heavy tunes from space to our world. Since I know him, he kept mailing me the releases and some love and this new release is something that we were waiting for !

Few weeks ago Doppie brought the 6th volume of Da Movelt Posse compilations. Between the affiliates artists was a new member I loved : Dudley Slang. This guy made a terrific tune called Phantom. The only one I kept in mind for days and days… And now, this french producer – who’s also a graffiti artist and a dancer – is about to relase his very first EP named : Kaïra City House Music.

Funny coincidence which is probably not a coincidence : Kaïra is a french slang word for ragtag people.

After that syncopated beat that keeps you focused till the end of the song I expected something better from Dudley, and that’s what he did with this opus. As I said at the beginning, we were waiting for this release and the wait was worth it!

It begins with a first damn good tune : P.D.G which will trap you with a furious bass line. I didn’t need anything more to start dancing while waiting for the next song : Hoez. From now I perfectly recognize what I love in Moveltraxx’s release : a huge contrast between house and ghetto music that keeps blowing my mind. This tune remind me of previous releases as Ezekiel’s Twilight Of The Dogs.
Then, Jumbo comes with an housy touch that perfectly show how Dudley works and where he leads us :
the best concoction of Chicago ghetto house and French filter house.
But, as a surprise Goofy Dogg Exit starts. Even if the beginning seems more gently, this tune is made for techno lovers, a huge kick and some bleep sounds that makes this sound a break that is not really a break but just a trippy nap in Berlin.
R Moore Hard arrives with an oldschool-like sounds and another bassline from heaven that overshadows everything you’ve heard so far. If I had to choose one only track, be sure I’ll choose this one ! In order to stay into the Moveltraxx’s way to produce and to be, Blowjob comes from nowhere to show you how talented the producer is. From disco to ghetto, there’s only a galaxy that Dudley reach thanks to his work.

To conclude, this longtime friend is a real parisian ghetto club pioneer and his first solo EP came out on Itunes, Beatport and Juno today and you’ll be crazy to miss it.

Yo !

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