7pm in the morning, utterly jetlaged and sitting on a luggage deck in the train. This is how this story begins.

This is my first review down here, hope you’ll like it and also understand my deeply french rooted english. It’s way better than my spanish kung fu. So…where were we… Ah ! In the train listening to Kelpe’s latest album entitled Fourth : The Golden Eagle.

Kel McKeown is not new to this. As you pushed the famous play button, you are teleported in his own musical universe where everything collapses. Don’t worry, check your seat one last time and let the music go into your ears. Some will say that he’s just pressing buttons on various machines but I wanna say that he’s pushing buttons in our minds too. Erasing our surroundings, landscape and lives to introduce ourselves to new feelings.

This journey starts with Astrolomy. A huge beat is going to hug you before a seducive melody follows up. Hey ! Do you see the forest through the window ? Ho, you’re in it now ! This is what you’ll feel while listening to Kelpe’s music. Then, Beaks of Eagles will move you to another level of this artist’s universe. however the next one gets you back to typical Kelpe’s experimentations with Go Visible. And, at the end, when you’ll think you’ve defeated every physical’s rule, comes Answered. Really different from the rest of the LP, this track last longer and sounds like another journey. It came out before the release with a splendid clip. Relish.

But, why do you wanna stop now ? At the edge of a musical climax ? I can’t let you go without telling you more about Kelpe’s golden eagle. It also came out in a remixed version that brings us into new journey during which Kelpe starts traveling on his own music. The new drivers? Mike Slott, Fulgeance, Chop and Fuewa to name a few. A nice crew for a new journey into other genres. Sometimes it sounds electronica or ambient. Everyone will like something out of it, although some may get lost. Special mention to the first two titles that will delight my turntables as soon as I’ll get the vinyls !

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